Mellissa Strong -last day

Today is March 8th, our last day in Guanajuato. Our first stop of the morning was the national center of genomics in Irapuato. In this center they do many research projects about fungus, bacteria, and plants. There are so many different things that they do, I could never list them all . There are some that work on cloning, preserving genomes, and looking at invasive species. We went into the labs and saw where they do a lot of there work. It is state of the art equipment, used by this laboratory. We learned about the equipment used and the jobs that they do.

This machine is used for cloning, this is older now and there are more advanced technologies.

After that, we visited a small rural village called Enclino del Coppoal. Wow, and I thought I had problems. The conditions that these people live in is absolutely crazy. My view of America, and my house is completely different. I complain about he soft water I have in my apartment because it makes my hair feel funny, they don’t even have water to cook their food with. The shacks are about the size of my entire apartment or smaller. Many people suffer from diseases and illness because they have no running water and are even aware of good health practices. We visited with some student nurses that come to the village to Check the health of the villagers. To get to the villages we traveled up a 3-4 mile road that was windy ,curvy, narrow, pot hole covered, road. In the village there was no sign of civilization for miles, and they do not have cars. They receive water when in falls from the sky, 4 months out of the year. They really have no way of capturing or keeping water other than the well that is also only useable when the rain falls. It takes people like the Penn State and University of Guanajuato students to help villagers learn about good health and water practices.

This is the water that the people used to drink. I couldn’t capture the whole picture but just up the stream there were a couple of heifers.

After we visited the village, to conclude our educational part of out trip we closed with a few brief presentations with our colleagues from the University of Guanajuato. Our presentations were on an assigned specific topic about things like he culture, agriculture systems, and international dependence between Guanajuato and the US.


To wrap up our trip to Guanajuato, we went to a hacienda, to watch traditional folk dancers. What a beautiful way to end a week full of education, history and culture. Although I LOVED my trip to Guanajuato, I’m ready to drink my tap water and understand the conversations around me.

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