Bhavik Patel

Today was the last day…:( It is so sad that we have to leave but this was an awesome trip and I met some pretty awesome people. Today was a bittersweet day but we got to see a rural village. We got to talk to a man named Pedro and figured out that he works in California at a nursery. He works there from April to December and comes home for January to March. He is one of the lucky ones because he gets to see his family and he has his papers there are some that don’t come back home to their families or years. I was appreciative that I always have my family with my even my grandparents live with me.


Also we got to have a huge party for it being the end of out program. I was very excited to experience some Mexican dance performances. It was very nice to see the one group make songs with using shells, drums, and wood. They performed some pretty amazing music. But what really got my attention was the high school dancers that were only the ages from 15-17. Those teenagers have more talent than I do in Mexican dancing. Out of all the songs that they did I only knew the hat song. I was very impressed by not only that group but this whole trip because it was not very educational it was also very fun. As well as the college students that we worked with all week did very well because they were better at English than we were at Spanish. But I am so glad I came on this trip and it was well worth it.



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