Becky Ortiz

Today we visited the National Genomics Lab known as LANGEBIO. The project was started 16 years ago but the building was built 30 years ago. Here they work on ancient DNA, human DNA, and bacterial DNA. There are two buildings: the one is used for classes, meetings, and offices. The other is used for research and services.

After visiting LANGEBIO, we visited a small rural village. The village is very far from the city. In the village, there is a school that holds kids from kindergarten to 6th grade but to continue after they have to go on to the next village. However, it is very unlikely that they will continue on. Up until two months ago, the village was using a nearby lake for water that was clearly polluted. Now, they have well water. We also got to met a man and his wife. We learned that he traveled to California for work for months before coming back. In fact, he leaves at the end of March and then doesn’t return until Christmas. For May, June, July, he works everyday of the week. After the village we all presented what we learned down in Mexico. We then went and watched some performers play some music and dance.

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