Patrick Camacho – Day 6

Water management Is crucial in today’s world. Standing tall at almost 7 billion people strong, the human race has placed itself in a precarious situation. Fresh water on this Earth is limited, and without any intervention, by producing methods of sustainability or improved efficiency, we will run out of the pools of fresh water available in due time.

Guanajuato could be labeled as the poster child for this global issue. Agreements like NAFTA and investments from countries like the US and Japan have fueled a boon in the agricultural business over the past 40-50 years. While money has been flowing into the country, it’s natural resources have been the largest victim in this economic explosion.

As it stands, Guanajuato uses approximately 2,741M cubic meters of water a year, of which 2,407M cubic meters of it are used by agriculture. These number don’t mean anything without the value that puts this all into perspective.

The aquifers and water basins are replaced at a rate of about 1,485M cubic meters per year leaving the state of Guanajuato a deficit of 1,256M cubic meters per year. This is equivalent to drinking ten cups of coffee a day, and only having enough coffee to refill five and a half cups. Over time, these unsustainable practices will come to a close as the last drop of water is sucked up leaving thousands without water, and the desertification of Guanajuato accelerating with nothing holding it back.

The University of Guanajuato as well as the Mexican government are fighting to find a solution to a complex problem. On one hand, the needs of the farmers and people as they try to survive in the way they feel is best. On the other hand, the fact that without intervention Mexico is sitting on a ticking time bomb getting ready to explode in the heart of the country. Aside from having no water in a region that supports thousands of people, the farms won’t be able to grow, desertification wil move more rapidly, prices will go up and people will leave causing strain on other parts of the country, and so much more. However, while Mexico will try to grapple with this problem, all the revenue it would have made from he farmers or workers will no longer exist putting added strain as well as not being able to fund help for the displaced citizens.

Although the reality of a doom and gloom happening fairly soon is depressing, there is hope. Investment in drip irritation, like that of he strawberry field, or treatment facilities similar to that of he one we saw in Irapuato open the doors to either fixing the problem, or prolonging the inevitable.

Water is scare, precious, essential. Without it, we will die. However, with push from the government, education on conservation and sustainability at all levels and sectors, and a desire of the people it’ll most effect Mexico can be the shining example he world needs to see. Without it, it’s only a matter of time before we may all be in their shoes.

Location:Calle Túnel Santa Fé,Guanajuato,Mexico


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