Patrick Camacho

In today’s world, money is at the helm of almost every decision. The interest of a few overshadow the needs of many,
leaving these individuals with little options in supporting who/what they love. While in the United States, the example of such dilemmas are seem from those who deal in criminal activities to destroying farmland. Mexico isn’t any different, as many find their niche in life to work towards being in a better place. For the farmers on El Bajío, this true despite what lies in their future if they continue their lifestyle as they do.

Today we visited a farmer, whose focus is asparagus, outside of city of Salamanca. This farmer owns approximately 75 hectares of land with sheep and pigs primarily used to provide fertilizer. Although there’s a wide variety of crops he could have decided to grow, his actions were motivated by the same problem that is staring Mexico in the face. Water.

Asparagus uses less water than a majority of the other crops grown in the area. In addition to its limited thirst, it’s also resistant to frost and needs relatively less maintenance than other plants. Despite these attractive benefits, asparagus can’t be harvested until it’s approximately 2 years old. Lasting up to 8 years, it’s yield of four to six tons per hectares provides the farmer a plant that’s more efficient than what others go through. However, this is more so the exception and not the rule.

Other crops such as rice or yearlong cycles of alfalfa need an enormous amount of water. The area is being depleted of all its water at a rate that’s faster than what is being replaced. Include the drought over the last three years, and the evidence shows that this agricultural bubble’s going to burst one day.

Despite overwhelming evidence, pleads from citizens, and desires to find a solution, the people will inevitably find themselves moving faster in a wall. What’s driving this push to continue their unsustainable lifestyle is the insatiable demand from countries like: the US, Canada, Japan, and many more. Money from these countries from the privileged are forcing the underprivileged to continue to destroy the ecosystem as well as their children’s livelihoods in a direct and indirect way.

As the city’s urbanites, industrial sectors, and agricultural powerhouses continue to waste, pollute, and use their scarce water (respectively) to live in the now, they’re continuing to blindly barrel toward a tomorrow of grim prospects. Efforts from the government and universities are being pushed aside by the sheer power of economics of supply and demand. However, no amount of money now is worth the struggle they’ll face then.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” The state of Guanajuato, let alone Mexico, is the underprivileged of other countries looking to pry capital and commodities away from it’s people. If something is done now to take proper care of the situation, it’ll result in a struggle these citizens have yet to fathom.

Location:Calle Túnel Ingeniero Ponciano Aguilar,Guanajuato,Mexico


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