Michael Brittenburg

Today, March 7th, we visited two food-processing plants and an asparagus plantation. The first food-processing plant we visited was owned by General Mills, and we were visiting to see broccoli being processed for the umbrella company Green Giant. We also visited a smaller, family-owned food-processing plant called Frugo, also while broccoli was being processed. I noticed that their processes were very similar, only having a few differences. Both companies highly stressed cleanliness and safety. Since both companies export to the U.S., they must follow certain international food safety guidelines in order to be legally sold in the States, therefore, their cleanliness and safety procedures must be similar if not the same. The economy of this region depends greatly on its exports, especially to the U.S., so it is very important that the international food safety guidelines are followed.

After visiting the food-processing plants, we went to an asparagus plantation. The plantation utilizes a drip-irrigation system, a very efficient way of providing water to crops. This is very important to farmers in this region because Mexico’s annual precipitation has been decreasing over the past 70 years. The owner of the plantation specifically chose to plant asparagus because the plant requires far less water than other crops, a useful adaptation with the growing water issues in Mexico.

The asparagus plantation.

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