Bhavik Patel

Today was a very interesting day because we got to go to two food processing plants and a asparagus farm. The first food processing plant we went to was General Mills but it owns Green Giant. This plant processes food for the Green Giant vegetables that we use in America. Also we went to Frugo a small family owned processing plant. In this plant I thought they were very nice because even though we came right during their shift change. The manager had quickly speed up the shift change so me being in the second group could see the process. There was a drastic difference in the different ways that they were processing the vegetables.

Then we went to a asparagus farm where I learned a lot. Asparagus has to grow 2.5 years till you can harvest anything from it. As well as, the plant will keep letting you harvest from that plant for 8 years. I think that it is really nice for the 8 years but you must invest 2 years into it. The farmer also made his own compost from his lambs. I like it how he had the lambs as a way of income.



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