Bhavik Patel

Today March 6th was an awesome day the weather was great yet again. We had a very busy schedule and it was very interesting. I know that I was tired by the end of the day. But we started out with learning a few things in the University of Guanajuato. We learned that the way of living in Guanajuato is depleting the water. They are using or water than they get back in rainfall. It is very hard when you need water everywhere. In Mexico the main problem is the water.


Something I thought was very important was about the water treatment facility has only been there for the past three years. This is very shocking because we learned that the companies will dump anything into the water. Also the blue dye is the worst because its bad for you health cause it can give you cancer or diseases. I wonder how they lived so long without treating the water. Also why do the companies not understand to clean the water before they release it back into the water. Finally even though this water treatment facility is treating the water it still needs further testing to be drinking water



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