Michael Brittenburg

Today, March 6th, we learned about the water crisis in Mexico while visiting the Irapuato-Salamanca campus. Currently, Mexico receives 720 mm of precipitation annually; the amount of precipitation has been decreasing over the last 70 years; last year Mexico experienced the least amount of precipitation in those 70 years. The local water that is utilized in Mexico is 66% from wells and 34% surface water. Additionally, Mexico is using more water than is being replenished each year, placing them in a water deficit. At the current rate, Mexico is heading for a water epidemic in the near future. In fact, the entire world will face a water epidemic during the 21st century, if better remediation programs do not begin soon.

There are numerous remediation programs and treatment plants already in place in Mexico. An example of such is the Irapuato Water Treatment Center, which we visited today. While there, we learned about the treatment process that is utilized there. The process cleans waste water to make it agriculturally-ready, but not necessarily clean enough for individual consumption. Although it is not entirely efficient, it is a great advancement in treatment technology unheard of a few decades ago.

Fortunately, I have recently been informed that I have been accepted into my enrolled major, Environmental Resource Management – Water Science Option. With this major and the degree associated with it, I intend to get into a career that will allow me to provide clean water to the world. Therefore, I found the educational content of today’s trip to be very intriguing.

Once again, the students from the Irapuato-Salamanca campus were very kind and welcoming today. They are a very humorous group of people. We have become good friends, so much so that we are getting together tonight for dinner. I am greatly looking forward to having a good time with them.

The Irapuato Water Treatment Center.

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One thought on “Michael Brittenburg

  1. It’s your favorite dad. Been really enjoying keeping up with your trip,hope your having a great time. I asked mom when you would be home and she didnt remember,hope to find out. See you soon, Love pop.

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