Mellissa Strong day 6

Today, we learned about the most pressing issue in Mexico, water. First we went to the Penn State room and went over many systems of water, and how they work.

Next we visited a ranch, with about 80 acres. Most ranches in this district are 20 acres. Water districts are a way of dividing different areas. A water association or district is a collective water system that distributes a certain amount or quota of water. Farmers and growers are only allowed a certain amount of water at certain times of the year. Anyone can see that this is a problem because the climate is so dry and Guanajuato receives very little rain. To help irrigate Fields the they dig ditches and let the water flow down the rows.

Here is one such ditch that let’s the water flow through the fields. Another type of irrigation is the drip irrigation system. This allows water to be applied right to the source of growing, the root. It also eliminates water rot on leaves and other parts of the plants. Another type of irrigation system is Arial irrigation, Which is like a sprinkler system. This can be wasteful if the water is spread outside of where the crop is being grown.

This is a barley field from the ranch that we visited. There are many introduced products grown in Mexico including sorghum, barley, alfalfa and corn.

Next we visited the water treatment plant.

All I have to say is that now I know why they say not to drink the water in Mexico. Although Systems are incrementally improving, there is still work to be done. Water in every way shape and form has some type of issue in this state.

Later we went to the headquarters building for the Purisima Dam. We learned about another district that had similar problems, not enough water, and finding ways to be more efficient.

I am more than thrilled with this trip and all the knowledge I have learned this far. I will say however , that everyday I’m here I find hundreds of reasons why I’m so blessed to live where I do. Ways of life, particularly plumbing, In a large aspect, is much different. I will be much more appreciative of my shower, toilet, and tap water when I get home.

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