Kaytee Norris – Guanajuato Day 6 – March 6

Today, we visited The University of Guanajuato’s Life Science Division again. There we were lectured about the water system here in Mexico. After or lecture, we traveled to Juan Jose’s ranch. There we learned about irrigation. I learned that Juan’s ranch is about 80 acres. Juan is the president of the Irapuato Module Association. In Mexico, farmers are separated by the water districts. After our short lecture here we enjoyed Little Caesars pizza for lunch. Below is a photo of the barley from Juan’s ranch.

Our next stop was the waste water treatment plant. This plant was very interesting. We learned that after the final processes, the water is not ran through anything else. That is the final step. I found this kind of gross because the equipment for this final process was very dirty. In addition, visiting this plant made me more appreciative of America’s plumbing. While at the plant, Mellissa and I had to use the restroom and man we were in for a real there was NO toilet paper, paper towels, and no soap! Oh and I forgot to mention the toilets did not even flush!!! But anyhow, below is a shot of the waste water treatment plant.

Finally, our last stop was at the Purisima Dam/Farmers Association. Here we learned about irrigation in the farmers association. I also learned that the manager of is the administrator while the secretary of the association is a farmer/rancher.

With this being said, the main focus of today was to learn about the water system here in Mexico. In Mexico, water is a very valuable, limited resource. This is because the aquifers are being depleted and Mexico is slowly running out of water. This is a MAJOR concern for the future and they are trying to preserve the water system here in Mexico.


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