Danielle Wilson-day 6

Today we visited the university of Guanajuato’s life science division again. First, we were given a lecture on the biggest problem in the world. The biggest problem is the lack of water. Mother Nature is replenishing the water supply at a lower rate than it is being used. There are a few principle problems of water. They are that there is no efficiency of water, exportation of water from wells, the need for more water in cities, the low efficiency of mechanical equipment and the high cost of operations for systems.
The geographic area is divided into water regions and farmer associations. A farmer association is an association for the ‘middle class’ farmers to allot the amount of water they receive and be used for their irrigation practices. Each association had a meeting place where they receive their quotas. There are approximately 1,200 farmers per association. Each association belongs to an irrigation division.
People don’t take care of water. They just use it however they please. There are many problems with water systems, not just in Mexico, but all over the world as well. It is very expensive to solve all of these problems. With this being said, we need to learn how to be problem solvers and appreciate what we’ve got. Our job in my generation is to make this world a better place for our children and their children. In other for this to happen we need to find a way to make the water cleaner, and use it sparingly and smart.

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