Becky Ortiz

This is a picture of barley crops. These crops are being grown not to be used for products, but to use the seeds for more barely production.The crops were just irrigated and fertilized this morning because of the frost they had this past weekend. If the crops were white, that was because they were frozen. If the crops do not show signs of looking healthier, then none of those crops will be saved.

The man who owned these crops (Juan Jose) is the president of the farmer’s association known as the Aeropuato module association. Farmer associations consists of farmers with medium sized farms. There are farmers who are not apart of a farmer’s association. This farmer’s association consists of 1,200 farmers. At meetings, they discuss how much water they get for the year. The quota for water has been going down as they have to dig deeper for water every year. The quota system includes the states of Guanajuato, Queretaro, Mexico, Michocan, and Jalisco. These states get water from the solis dam.

The problem with water in Mexico is that it is being misused in both the fields and cities. For example, the downside to aerial irrigation is that water evaporates, it introduces diseases, and it waters plants where it doesn’t need to be watered. How Mexico uses its water affects us because it will affect the crops they grow that we depend on.

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