Orlando Ibanez (March 5)

Orlando Ibanez (March 5)

Today we took a bus ride from Irapuato, Mexico to the tequila factory in Penjamo, Mexico. When we got there Mr. Hayes told us that the corralejo hacienda was pretty old and that Miguel Hidalgo was born there. Miguel Hidalgo later left to study religion, became a catholic priest and moved to Dolores. The tequila factory we went to was large compared to most tequila factories that are generally smaller. The tequila factory was rather dark inside because light causes tequila to evaporate. One thing that stood out immediately upon entry of the factory was the empty bottles implanted in the walls and ceiling to have some sunlight come through. Later we got to see the equipment used to make tequila 30-40 years ago which was quite fascinating. We also found out that there are four types of tequila. The four types of tequila are young, white, aged, and extra aged. After the tequila factory we ate and went to the Peralta Pre-Hispanic, Indian Ruins. We had a great tour through there and afterwards went to see a strawberry plantation. At the strawberry plantation we got to see how the strawberry field is and how the high tunnel cultivations work. All in all today was a great experience and cannot wait for tomorrow’s adventure through Mexico.


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