Michael Brittenburg

Today, March 5th, after picking up the students from the Irapuato-Salamanca campus, we ventured to the Corralejo tequila factory, located on the hacienda that Miguel Hidalgo was born in Irapuato. Once there, we went on a tour of the factory to learn the process of making the different tequila products produced there. The five kinds of tequila made there are: blanco (white), joven (young), reposado (aged), añejo (extra-aged), and the special reserve. During the tour we were able to sample each kind of tequila, which was great, but boy were they strong! After the tour we stopped for lunch, at a place I would describe as a Mexican version of KFC, which offered very good food. After lunch, we visited the ruins of the Chichimeca Indians, which offered historical information and a spectacular view!

Following the visit of the ruins, we visited a strawberry plantation. The strawberry market is very important to Guanajuato between November and January because that is the winter season in the U.S. when strawberries are not being grown nor harvested. The plantation we visited was very efficient with water and land. They utilized a drip-irrigation system which maximizes the use of water by applying it directly to the roots. They also cover the land with scaffolding and white plastic in a system known as high tunneling. High tunneling increases annual yields of open fields from 40 tons per hectare (2 acres) to 80 tons per hectare, making it extremely efficient.

On another note, the students we have befriended from the Irapuato-Salamanca campus having been very friendly and accepting. They are very humorous and speak fairly decent English. I personally have had a wonderful time conversing and spending time with them. I am looking forward to any more time I am able to spend with them.

Myself and Aline at the Chichimeca ruins.

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