Mellissa Strong day 5

Our first stop of the day was to the Corralejo tequila factory. We learned a lot about tequila and the processes used to make tequila.

The first step for tequila making is collecting the Piñas or pineapples which is where the tequila is extracted from. There are 3 processes to making tequila. Extraction, fermentation and distillation.

After the juices have been extracted from the piña, it is ground and used for feed stuffs for animals. The distillation process happens twice. We got to try some tequila after the first distillation which was 80% alcohol. That burns baby burns all the way down, and shyed me away from tequila.

There at the tequila factory we learned about the hacienda where Meguiel Hidalgo was raised.

Here are some pictures from the different processes of tequila making. First the fermentation, then the grinders and the Bottle labeler.

Next we moved to the ancient Indian ruins where we learned about the history of the Indians and there ways of life

This is the second pyramid built with an amazing view in the background.

The last stop was the strawberry plantation

This particular plantation had 35 acres of strawberries. One acre provides about 150 jobs

The high tunnels are what the strawberries are grown under and are a way to control the environment. One acre produces about 20000 tons of strawberries.

Today like every other day, we are learning about Mexican culture and there ways of life- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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