Danielle Wilson-day 5

Today, March 5, we visited the tequila factory, Indian ruins, and the strawberry plantation. My favorite part of the day was the strawberry plantation.
Irapuato is known as the strawberry capital of the world. The plantation we were on today was 35 acres of strawberries. The crops are under high tunnels. This is mans way to control the environment. High tunnels are easier to maintain, easier to construct, and are less expensive that green houses. A major advantage to the high tunnels is that they can be moved to be used at another field. Throughout all of the high tunnels, only a few have some problems. There are white plastic covers that preserve the water and help with weed control.
There are two types of irrigation. The first is overhead irrigation. This is areal and causes more evaporation of water. This also causes more diseases. The second type is drip irrigation. This type does not waste as much water. They put the water right where the water is needed. With this type, there is no need to worry about diseases.

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