Becky Ortiz

Today we visited the tequila factory. Known for its famous cobalt blue bottle, it is the first factory far from Jalisco. There is even a room with all the awards the tequila received for its quality. It is also considered a large factory.

Tequila is a unique drink as only agave azul is used to make it while there are several different agaves that can be used to make mezcal and pulque. There are four types of tequila: young, white, aged, and extra aged. Each are determined by the time they spend in the barrels to age. For example, extra aged can be in the barrels anywhere from 6 months to 2 years while white doesn’t even go in the barrels. Below is a picture inside the building where the tequila is aged in barrels. The windows are made of empty tequila bottles to enough light in to see, but not enough to damage the tequila.

After learning about how tequila was made, we toured the hacienda were Miguel Hidalgo was born. We then went to the Peralta Pre-Hispanic Indian ruins and then to a strawberry plantation where we learned about how they are produced.

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