Jonathan Huhn

Jonathan Huhn

Today we visited the University of Guanajuato’s Irapuato-Salamanca campus. Upon arrival we listened to several lectures given by several professors of the campus. The first lecture was given on cactus, its uses, and general species information. There are 1,600 species of cactus in the United states. The Irapuato campus is striving to promote awareness about the conservation of endemic plants. Ways the Irapuato Campus is helping preserve endemic plant species is through their in vitro on campus lab. The next Endemic plant species we learned about was the agave plant. There are two types of agave species, wide leafs and skinny leafs. The university primarily works with the wide leafed species. There are 276 species of agave. An increasing problem in Mexico is vegetation levels are rapidly decreasing . The solution to this problem is growing endemic plant species in vitro and preserving the population numbers. Some uses for the agave plant are food, construction, animal feed, alcohol, medicine, and many more. There are actually over 100 uses for the agave plant. Agave is also considered the most important plant for ecological use. Agave promotes plant growth and soil loss deprivation. With the in vitro plan, Mexico expects to generate 100% of their vegetation levels back within 12 to 20 years. Next we learned about mesquites. There are 46 species in the world. The mesquite is used widely in medicine, fruit, fuel, honey, wood, charcoal, and cattle feed. This tree is also a very important endemic plant species.


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