Day four – Ashley


Today we visited the Irapuato-Salamanca campus and made a lot of new friends! We learned about endemic plants such as cacti, mesquite, and agave. Cacti are native to Guanajuato and most of the cacti around the world originate from Mexico. The university has been propagating many species of cacti, so they can preserve the genome. The in vitro propagation takes 90 days and so far the university has propagated 150 species. Mesquite is the most important plant in central and northern Mexico because it adapts very well to climate change and needs little water to survive. This is beneficial because about 60 percent of Mexico is covered by dry land. There is 46 species of mesquite in the world and in North America (USA and Mexico) there is 12 species. Agave grows throughout Mexico and there is over 900 species! Agave is referred to by the natives as Maguey, which means wonderful and there are over 100 uses for this plant.

All in all today was great! I loved making new friends, they made my experience more enjoyable! I am excited to learn more about the biodiversity of Guanajuato.


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