Bhavik Patel

Today was filled with so much knowledge I thought my head was gonna explode! We also got meet the students from the University of Guanajuato that will be working with us. I think that I’m gonna have a fun time working with them because they seem really friendly and some of them are funny.

One thing that I thought was very interesting they have so many types of Agave. Of the 276 Agave species 93% is grown in the wild; 6% is grown in farms and gardens and 1% is used for tequila (blue Agave). There are a lot of uses for Agave bedsides tequila: flowers, food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. The biggest use is it helps the soil so other plants can grow near it.

The mesquite tree is the most important plant in Central Mexico and it is also native there. This tree goes under the process of genomic cloning and they select the best breed. There are 46 species between the US and Mexico we have 12 of the species and Argentina has 34. This tree is specifically picked out to find which ones are the best so that they can be cloned to make the most production.





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