Mellissa Strong- day 3

Today we visited the historic town of Delores Hidalgo. This town has two names for a very important historic reason, much like other cities in the state of Guanajuato. At first the city was named just Delores and then Hidalgo was added on because Miguel Hidalgo played a major role in this cities history. Hidalgo was a priest and a leader of the Mexican fight for independence in 1810.

This beautifully crafted church is the church where Miguel Hidalgo was priest. This church was where Miguel Hidalgo rang the church bell known as “the cry of Hidalgo.” This signaled the soldiers and community members to gather at the church and to prepare for war against the Spanish. We also visited the home of Miguel Hidalgo. It was very interesting and embedded with history.

In Delores Hidalgo and throughout the state of Guanajuato, particularly In Leon, leather boots and cowboy hats are part of the culture. Most boots are made In Mexico and very high quality. Where a handmade pair of snake or alligator boots are 500+ dollars in the states, a (High end) pair here is roughly, 2000 pesos or 200 US dollars (with tax). Almost all cowboy boots are handmade and made in Mexico.

Another common community tradition in Delores Hidalgo, is to spend Sunday after church in he park with the family. In the park they have a fountain, like most common gardens and green trees bushes and trees which is unusual to see. They also have many vendors set up throughout the park, a few of which sell ice cream. Delores Hidalgo is known for it’s many flavors of ice cream. Today we went into the park and tried many samples of ice cream. I tried a total of nine flavors. One of the flavors was beer which was surprisingly good. I ended up getting a flavor called Manticando . This ice cream has pistachios, raisins, almonds, peaches and other fruits into the vegetable oil based ice cream. While most ice creams use regular lard, (animal fat) this particular ice cream used the fat’s from vegetables. Although delicious, calories add up quick. One medium size Dixie cup contains about 2000 calories. However I feel they are quickly worn off as Mr. Sam Hayes as a leader.

After a busy day in Delores Hidalgo, we went back to the town of Guanajuato. Here is a picture to show the narrow cobblestone roads, colorful paintings and full hillside. We finished off our day at beAutiful restaurant with excellent Mexican cuisine and Extravagant bathrooms. (For sake of blog etiquette I won’t post any more about how beautifully crafted the bathroom was. From the frosted glass and stall doors to the deep dish glass sink and marble tiling on the walls. – Guess I just gave that one away)We talked about our day with mariachi bands in the background. What a perfect way to end the day. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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