Day 3 in Delores Hidalgo – Ashley

Today, we visited the city of Delores Hidalgo. It was about one hour away from Guanajuato, but the drive was so enjoyable that time passed quickly. The first stop was at the church of Delores Hidalgo. The site where the fight for Mexican independence originated. The battle for Mexican independence was started by a man named Miguel Hidalgo, a catholic priest. Miguel Hidalgo has been compared to George Washington; both men fought viciously for the freedom of their people. Hidalgo revolted against the crown of Spain, the catholic church, and the government established by Spain. He did this because he wanted freedom and equality for all of the Mexican people.

Unfortunately, a few years later Hidalgo and three of his top officers were captured by the Spaniards. All four of them were beheaded and put on display at the granary as a message to the Mexican people. It is absolutely amazing how one man started a revolution that freed an entire nation AND abolished slavery! That means that Mexico abolished slavery 55 years before the United States!


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