Day 3 blog – Michael B.

Today, March 3rd, we visited the historic city of Dolores-Hidalgo, Mexico. Originally called Dolores, it was renamed to commemorate Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio Hidalgo (yes, that is one person), the leader of the Mexican independence movement. Hidalgo was a catholic priest who lived in the town of Dolores. On the night of September 15th, 1810, after the Spanish crown discovered Hidalgo’s plot to rebel, Hidalgo rang the bell of his church to gather the mistreated and downtrodden Mexican people. The ringing of the bell became known as “the cry of Hidalgo.” After the Mexican people gathered, they marched to Guanajuato, Mexico where they commenced the first battle of the independence movement at the city’s granary after the Spanish retreated to and barricaded it. Hidalgo began and led the independence movement, and without him, who knows how Mexico’s history could have been altered?

Our day in Dolores-Hidalgo was both educational and fun. Our first stop was the Church of Dolores-Hidalgo, the same church that was headed by Miguel Hidalgo. The architecture was astounding and lined with gold. Our second stop was the Museum of Miguel Hidalgo, which was located in the house that Miguel Hidalgo resided in within the city. Our third stop, and my personal favorite was the Museo de la Indepencia Nacional, or National Independence Museum. The museum used to be the site of city’s prison where the political prisoners were kept during the Spanish Inquisition. After Miguel Hidalgo rang the bell of his church, he freed the prisoners to gain their support. Today, the prison-turned-museum contains numerous powerful paintings representing Miguel Hidalgo and the independence movement, among other things. To finish off our day trip, we ate a wonderful lunch followed by visiting the many ice cream vendors in town, each having many delicious and abnormal flavors such as tequila and beer.

-Michael Brittenburg

A painting in the National Independence Museum depicting Miguel Hidalgo leading the Mexican force to Guanajuato from then-Dolores.

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