Danielle Wilson march 3

Today we visited the town of Delores Hidalgo. This is the church that Miguel Hidalgo was a priest. It is absolutely beautiful inside of the church. Mr. Hayes told us that whatever looks like gold, is gold and there was At the church, there is a bell that was rung. When it was rung it was known as the ‘cry of Hidalgo.’ When the people of the town heard the bell, they all came and gathered in the square in front of the church. This happened on September 15, 1810.
We also visited the home of Miguel Hidalgo. Today, his house is preserved as a museum. He was not born in Deloris Hidalgo, he was just a priest. In his house, there is a box with Miguel Hidalgo’s bones in a box. His head was preserved in salt, water, and vinegar. It was then hung from what is now known as Alhondiga Independence Museum in the town of Guanajuato, the state of Guanajuato’s capital.
The war for independence was 11 years and 11 days long. During 4 of these months, Hidalgo spent time in jail. Miguel Hidalgo basically went through every town and said “this is mine.” He had to conquer 11 states in less than a year. On July 30, 1811, Hidalgo was killed.

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Location:Calle Túnel Ingeniero Ponciano Aguilar,Guanajuato,Mexico


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