Bhavik Patel

Today we went down this curvy road that was very bumpy at times. Along the way when I saw these little houses and neighborhoods in the middle of dry land. There were these great mountains which had these small houses on them.

When we had got to the town of Dolores Hidalgo where we were close to 8000 feet above sea level. This town was named Dolores Hidalgo because Hidalgo was the man who led the army against the spaniards, which in the end on 11 years and 11 days they had gotten freedom. Also we went to visit the jail which they have now turned into a museum. In this they had a room where it stayed cool all year round just because of the architecture and where they had placed the bricks. They had put Hidalgo’s head in a solution which was made of water, vinegar and salt this was done to preserve his head so they could display it.

We got to try these awesome place which had crazy flavored of ice cream. Of which there was one flavor that had 2000 calories just for one serving. I would have to say this flavor was so good and so worth the 2000 calories.



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