Becky Ortiz

This is a picture of Pat in a jail cell from the jailhouse in Dolores Hidalgo. The door is made of mesquite and the holes in the door were the only source of light for the prisoners. One of the reasons for being imprisoned is that they were found out past curfew. Inside the cell, there are statues showing a man(named Jose) releasing prisoners from the cell during the movement for independence which was started by Miguel Hidalgo. Jose released 44 prisoners. In the jailhouse, there was also a room that served as a hospital and was kept cool by the stones.

Miguel Hidalgo is responsible for the movement for independence. Nicknamed ‘the fox’ because he was so intelligent, Hidalgo lived in Dolores (which became Dolores Hidalgo after he started the movement) as a priest. He started the movement for independence by ringing the church bell to gather the people and start the fight for independence. His head was later hung in a cage at Alhondiga (the site where the first fight occured) to warn others to stop the fight for independence.

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