Kaytee Norris – March 3- Guanajuato Day 3

Today in Dolores Hidalgo we sampled many different flavors of ice cream. The pistachio and manticando were my two favorites, however I chose the manticando even though a little bowl had 2000 calories and it was delicious!!

We also visited this church today. This church is known as the Church of the Father Miguel Hidalgo. this church is very important because it played a major role in the fight of independence, because Miguel ran the bell and that was known as the cry of Miguel Hidalgo and that cry called the soldiers in to start the battle.

We also visited the home of Miguel Hidalgo and we were unable to take photos of the inside and I found this beautiful these beautiful poinsettias in the court yard of the home.

Not only did we learn about the Father Miguel Hidalgo – Ezra, Mellissa and myself were able to go cowboy boot shopping with Juan Pablo Garcia while the others attended the Museum. In Mexico, leather, boots and hats play an important role in the Mexican culture and lifestyle. Typically in Mexico you can find leather, boots and hats at a much cheaper cost than you could find them for in the US. However we did learn that here in Guanajuato, Mexico they only carry women’s shoe sizes up to 9 because the Mexican woman are petite and we have to subtract 3 from our US size to determine our Mexican size.

After learning about Miguel Hidalgo, we ate lunch at an outstanding hotel with delicious food. I was able to have real Mexican tacos and they were very tasty.


Today was very tiring but we had a great time and I am looking forward to what tomorrow has in store!!


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