Day 2 -mellissa strong

Again, today was a very busy day.After the mummy Museum we visited The “Al Hondiga” or the granary is where the first battle of the Mexican fight for independence happened in 1810. It was a beautiful museum

Today we also we drove to Santa Rosa. In Guanajuato, and Sam Hayes says, you are walking up hill or down( I feel like its always up hill). It felt like out hotel was at high relatively high elevation. I never realized that we were in “El Bajio” or the low land, until we went far above the city and looked down. What an amazing view.

We also went to the silver mines, surrounded by many dry hills and endemic plants, Agave, Mistqute, and cactus.

Ahhh yes, the silver. We had some time to explore the town and look in some shops and purchase some silver. The silver is cheap but high quality noted by the .925 on the back of each piece of jewelry.

The last stop was to meet at the theatre before we all sat down for a nice meal. This is a beautiful theatre and a very important piece of Guanajuato’s history. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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