Patrick Camacho

Patrick Camacho

Hidden in the labyrinth of Guanajuato lies a gem worthy of conversation. Its association with a university whose motto, “La verdad os hará libres,” [The truth will set you free] inspires all who wall through its doors to aspire to something great. The University of Guanajuato’s public library fosters education as well as a desire to sift through the past in an effort to mold the future.

Upon entering the doors into the main lobby, we were greeted by the smell of books, the sight of books whose style hints at an age lived by those who’ve passed away generations ago, and two cheerful individuals excited to display the mountains of history on their shelves.

Of the many items pulled for discussion, several were of a value not measurable by any currency. A bible handwritten in Chinese, a book depicting through illustrations of the travels of Napoleon in Egypt, and a book written 1495.

These books are provided to anyone of the public, and upon request. They provide everyone the opportunity to turn the pages of the past, with works that define the history of Mexico, and the world. Its cultural benefit is by no means able to be measured, but crucial in defining and immortalizing Guanajuato’s authority and place in the memories of yesterday, today, and the minds of tomorrow.


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